About the blogger

I am going by the pseudonym Bishie or bishiesparkleflash on this blog, here is a list of facts about myself:

  • I’m fairly young and live in a large city in western Germany
  • my cultural background and nationality are complicated. I grew up in a mix of German, Russian and Ashkenazi Jewish culture (though the Russian was prevalent).
  • I am a trans man, meaning that I was assigned female at birth but feel like I should have been born with a body considered „biologically male“ and am a man. I have not physically transitioned yet but I’m out to almost all of my social circles.
  • also I’m bisexual and in a sort of poly-ish relationship
  • I’m currently going to a catholic girl’s school, but not for long anymore. Afterwards I plan to go in physics or IT.
  • I have depression, anxiety and other mental issues. There is reason to suspect I have BPD or Aspergers but I have no official diagnosis on these issues yet.
  • currently I’m identifying as atheist/agnostic. I grew up with very strict Russian-Orthodox Christianity.
  • to conclude this whole privileges/opressions thing because this kinda feels like a requirement when talking about social justice: I’m white, someplace between middle and lower class (German societal classes are hard to express in American terms. My family is automatically lower-status because we’re immigrants but because a lot of my family members have academic backgrounds and we don’t „““look foreign“““ we are considered kinda higher status among immigrants???).

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