I will start serious posts after I have done enough work on the robot I am currently working on for my school project! (yes, yes, I know, first being all enthusiastic about the blog and then procrastinating writing, but my grades are slightly more important and I forgot I’d be working on the robot the next two weeks.)
While I’m working on it I will work on things I plan to post in the drafts.

But I can tell y’all abut the robot and keep you up to date. Totally not to save work for the documentation later.

So we have a robotics course at school which is pretty cool.
The assignment for the group I’m in is to make a robot that can pick rings off a hook like knights did while jousting.
It is supposed to perform in a specific game setting and have specific physical properties.

It has to be able to follow a line drawn on the floor and to have a rotating top bit with a spear a stick which can move up and down in a limited range. The robot also cannot surpass a specific height.

The game setting is the following: it is supposed to pick off a a ring of three possible sizes as quickly as possible.

First it starts following a line with the spear lowered. After the robot passes a gate (marked by different lines at the sides) the time is to be measured (not by the robot, just a human with a stopwatch), at a given distance it has to try and pick off the ring (ofc it can raise the spear now) and then quickly exit by a second gate.

To realize that the robot has two light sensors, one in the front and one at the side, to be able to notice the lines.
It’s not clear what kind of sensor it will use to „see“ the ring yet.

So far the only thing I already did was design a 3D model of the casing for the robot, which shall be printed by our school’s 3D printer soon.
(the advantage of going to a catholic school: it’s fucking rich, we have a 3D printer and a coffe vending machine)

The main piece of it looks like this:


The big empty space is for the batteries and the main board.
These two holes at the bottom of it are for the cables of the two wheel motors with which the robot shall roll. The motors will be placed in the dents at the side that are not really visible from this point of view, they’ll be regular servo motors except they can go in full rotation.

The blob shaped thing in the front is where the thing with the lance will sit on.
The dent is for the adorable, tiny servo motor that will rotate the lance holder.
Sadly I have no pictures of the lance holder itself yet, but it is a cylindrical shape with a cutout for another cute tiny servo motor and the lance, it will rotate on the blob shaped thing.
Also the robot shall be called The Rolling Spagehtti Monster because everyone else in the course has given their robots silly names.


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